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Shifting The Great Resignation to Great Growth

They told you to that “being the boss” means you know best, and as such you get to impose your will and employees simply get to obey because that is what they get paid for…then you just sit back and wait that somehow a growth and harmonious workplace develops. Has that worked? I’m betting that it hasn’t. Here’s the thing... Bossing people around is easy… it’s making the work environment a harmonious one, mentoring employees and guaranteeing their growth so that you have a steady and stable workforce …that’s the hard part! Learn the skills that will start you on your path to becoming a Growth Leader. Enroll in the future by getting this book now.
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Meet the instructor

Yvette de luna-colon, esq.

It is fair to say that I became an attorney because I abhor injustice. For 25 years I practiced employment law, a lot of it on the employer’s side. I also designed documentary tools to aid in preventing employment claims at the source. My “come to Jesus” moment came when I realized that clients were failing at the employee-employer relationship because they did not have work-interpersonal skills. So, I design the system and identified the skills required to successfully follow it. I vowed to dedicate my life to help employers create nurturing workspaces in the US.
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